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Latest News and Events

2015 Winter Estate Planning Seminar February 7th, 1117 Yelm Avenue W. in Yelm
Next meeting Dec 13th – potluck and year in review

Welcome to the Washington State Livestock Coalition

The mission of the Washington State Livestock Coalition is to provide education, advocacy, and assistance in order to promote responsible livestock care and ownership in Washington State.

Education for waslico

We inform and educate the agricultural community in setting care standards for livestock. More…

Assistance from waslico

We provide assistance to individuals whose animals have temporary care needs.

Advocacy from waslico

We proactively develop and implement standards of care for livestock and poultry.


About Waslico

Originally named The Stockmens Coalition, our non profit was formed in 2009 by a group of livestock owners in Thurston, Lewis, and Grays Harbor counties to address the issues that many livestock owners are facing regarding responsible livestock care. In 2013 the name was changed to The Washington State Livestock Coalition (Waslico is our acronym) to better reflect our mission to provide education, advocacy, and assistance to all livestock owners in Washington State.

Our Goals

  • Educate livestock owners and the public on the care of livestock
  • Serve as advocates to assist owners in developing a plan of care for their animals
  • Assist in providing temporary assistance such as feed and other care to animals, especially during disasters

Our Team

Sandy LeaVell – Board Member & Treasurer

Sandy LeaVell - Board Member & Treasurer

Sandy has been a long-time equestrian, and a board member since 2013. Currently, she also serves as the Coalition’s Treasurer

Jon Adams - Board Member

Jon has been a life-long livestock owner and worked on several ranches. He currently volunteers at Cedar Creek Correctional Center. Jon is involved in planning educational activities for the Livestock Coalition. Contact Jon if you have ideas for seminars or training that the Coalition could sponsor.  

Nick Cockrell - Founder and President

Nick is a long time livestock owner and has managed construction and real estate for Washington state for 25 years. He founded the Coalition to help owners understand how to maintain and protect their livestock. Contact Nick if you have questions about the Coalition.

Frank Lacy – Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee

Frank Lacy - Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee

Frank is retired from the Navy. He grew up on an Angus ranch and has cared for livestock most of his life (when he wasn't living in a submarine). Contact him if you have questions about membership or our annual trail ride.

Vic Mott - Chair of the Assistance Committee

Vic has been instrumental in evaluating livestock situations, determining what kind of help is needed, and putting together action plans. Contact Vic if you have questions about assistance.

Dan Venable - Board Member

Dan has been part of the Coalition since it started, and continues to be active in support of Coalition activities. A long-time resident of the area, Dan also operates an environmental services business as well as being a livestock owner.

You can contact any of our team members through email by clicking on their title.


Our Supporters

We are pleased to have made many wonderful connections in the community. These are just some of the groups who have supported us, and we look forward to working with them and many others on an ongoing basis.

Our Activities

We do a lot of fun activities during the year, here are just a few:
  • Our annual trail ride, usually in June. Here is a link to our Trail Ride sign up for this year.
  • Movie nights during the winter in January, February, March
  • Fall and spring livestock care seminars
  • Our annual summer picnic
  • Potlucks, dinners, and dances
  • Tack sales and flea markets
  • Food drives to support community food banks

What We Do


Our mission is to inform and educate the agricultural community in setting care standards for livestock, and provide information and education to the public on proper livestock management issues.
  • We host seminars in the Spring and Fall that provide detailed information on seasonal livestock care issues.
  • We provide handouts on livestock care that are specific to the Pacific Northwest
  • We work with the local 4-H and other organizations to provide education on livestock care
EducationDr Everett Macomber providing an afternoon of animal care information at our Fall Livestock Care Seminar in Yelm. More than 50 attendees were there to listen and get answers to their questions. Our next seminar will be February 7 2015.


Our mission is to provide assistance to individuals with temporary needs for animal feed, animal transport, maintenance and protection of farm environments, and other elements of livestock production.
  • We help owners in hardship situations with our hay bank, fence building, and other animal care issues
  • We offer counseling and intervention for livestock owners in difficult circumstances that are interfering with their ability to properly care for their animals
  • We assist with emergency preparedness.
Horses We provide assistance to livestock owners, including a hay bank, and in some circumstances assist with re-homing livestock. Do you need assistance or know someone who does? Fill out the Assistance Form, we will try to respond within 48 hours or less.


Our mission is to proactively develop and implement standards of care for livestock and poultry, and to propose legislation to provide statutory basis for "best care" practices.
  • We advocate for the livestock industry by working for the just treatment of both animals and owners
  • We participate in the creation, promotion, and tracking of Washington state legislation that promotes just treatment
  • We are involved in defining standards of care for the livestock industry in Washington state
  • We work with local law enforcement to follow up on potential livestock abuse situations
  • We have taken over the advocacy initiatives that were being handled by the Washington State Horse Council.
Here are the current Washington State RCW regulations concerning animal abuse.
  In simple terms, these are the changes to the regulations that we are proposing:
  • The definitions of animal abuse be strengthened by creating better specifics on what constitutes abuse or neglect.
  • The oversight of regulation enforcement for livestock be given to the Washington State Agriculture Department.
  • The Department would appoint veterinarians for each county who would investigate charges of livestock animal abuse and make the determinations on what steps should be taken.


There are lots of ways that you can partner with us in making a difference!

Please give us a call at 360 280 5313 if you can help in any of the areas listed below.

You can also fill out and send us the volunteer form.

What are Volunteers


  • Volunteer to help put together our seminars - design and pass out flyers, set up tables, etc.
  • Do you have a skill you'd like to share? Let us know if you are an expert on an aspect of livestock care and would like to teach a class.
  • Are you a subject matter expert in an area of animal care? We can set up speaking engagements to discuss animal care issues.


  • Assist with assessing emergency situations and determining a plan of care
  • Help repair fences
  • Deliver hay and other feed
  • Help out with general livestock care during emergency situations

Fundraising Activities

  • Trail ride - we need volunteers to help set up the event - people with their own horses to help mark the trail, cooks, setup/cleanup crews, sweep team to make sure no one gets lost, sign up assistants, get donations for raffles and general all around workers.
  • Volunteers to clean up the trails before the ride, this would be an activity through DNR. Bringing your own mule would be appreciated but not required!


  • Are you an attorney who is willing to assist pro bono with legal advice for animal care cases? Please let us know!
  • Helping with legislative initiatives - writing, reviewing, and promoting

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